Hosting news digest from 15 August

Overall data center chip shortages persist even with shorter delivery times 

According to Susquehanna Financial Group research, there is still a shortage of data center chips, although this is the third consecutive month of shorter delivery times. While delivery times are still more than double the norm, average delivery times have been steadily decreasing in recent months. Shortages of controllers and power management components are still very significant, especially in the automotive industry.Many companies, such as Cisco, are having problems sourcing equipment from China and are therefore looking for solutions to replace components with similar ones.

Spain will locate supercomputers in abandoned mines

The government of the Asturias plans to use abandoned mines to build data centers that will form part of the Spanish Supercomputing Network.

The infrastructure will be housed in a network of mines stretching more than 5,000 kilometers. It is expected that the placement of computers in mines will have a positive impact on the environment by reducing the cost of maintaining ground-based data centers, as well as ensuring the safety of equipment.

Irish activists declare war on data center construction

The conflict in Ireland over the construction of data centers continues. There is already a significant power shortage in the east of the country, with many companies abandoning new projects or leaving the market.

According to DataCenter Dynamics, major data center operator Art Data Centres has received approval from the County of Clare in the west to build new data centers. However, the situation does not suit local environmental activists.

The project, which requires 200 MW of energy, a huge amount of water and almost 60 hectares of land, could reportedly cause significant damage to local residents, particularly farmers.