Hosting news digest from 29 august

London data centers will limit their water consumption

Computer Weekly reports that amid the drought, the UK water supply leader Thames Water is going to analyze the water consumed by data centers. 

The issue has become particularly urgent amid news that data centers in the United States are actually taking drinking water from other users. 

Thames Water’s plans include exploring how data centers can use technical water as well as reuse existing water. 

The Philippines may build a new data center on the basis of the old nuclear power plant

Bataan provincial authorities are planning to build a data center on the premises of the nuclear power plant mothballed decades ago. The nuclear power plant was built back in the 8th, but has never been put into operation. The nominal capacity of the plant is 621 MW.

The design of the nuclear plant is in favor of this decision, as well as the possibility of using available water for cooling. However, there is a downside – the plant is located in an earthquake-prone zone.

The global server market showed stagnation in Q2 2022

According to DigiTimes Research, the global server supply market grew by only 3.3% in Q2 this year compared to Q1. 

Among the negative factors are pandemic restrictions in China, unfavorable geopolitical world situation and high inflation rate. It is assumed that in the third quarter of the year, growth in quarterly terms should exceed the 5 percent mark.