IT News digest from 26 July 2022

Telegram and Discord services have become available for cyberattacks

Popular messengers Telegram and Discord can be used to launch all sorts of malware. Intel 471 has warned users of messaging services about this danger.

According to experts, malware can be introduced via game bots and content delivery networks (CDNs). Such viruses are primarily used to steal personal and payment data.

The lack of a large staff to deal with cyberattacks and the inability to block applications allows attackers to remain unpunished.

Hackers use PrestaShop vulnerability to steal payment data of online shoppers

A previously unknown vulnerability in e-commerce platform PrestaShop allows hackers to use skimming code to steal customers’ payment data. PrestaShop is an e-commerce solution used by 300,000 shops worldwide. The platform is open-source. Hackers send a specific request to perform specified actions – such as entering a fake payment form to collect user card data.

Corporate SSDs could get significantly cheaper

TrendForce analysts predict the decline in SSD prices due to the fact that the supply of SSDs now far exceeds the demand. According to experts, SSD prices are expected to drop as early as the third quarter of 2022. Consumer SSDs are expected to fall in price by 8-13%, while enterprise SSDs are expected to decrease by 5% to 10%.

Experts attribute the decline in demand to the fact that users do not want to purchase additional storage capacity.  According to TrendForce, the server supply market is declining against the backdrop of the global economic recession. The DRAM market has also suffered. Here, prices are reported to have fallen by 3-8%.  According to analysts, this is due to lower demand for smartphones and computers.