Hosting news digest from 23 august

Amazon and Microsoft not to develop their data centers in Dublin

The Times reports that Microsoft and Amazon are preparing to stop developing their Dublin data centers. Perhaps Equinix is to join them. The reason for this is a de facto moratorium on connecting data centers, imposed by the Irish power grid operator. Against this background, corporations are considering building new data centers in the UK. 

Despite the fact that all three companies already have permission to build data centers, the operator EirGrid imposed restrictions on connection to the networks. It is assumed that the issuance of permits for new connections will not resume until 2028. 

Microsoft has launched a new data center in Qatar

Microsoft has added a new data center in Doha to its Azure cloud platform infrastructure. The project was talked about three years ago, but the commissioning of the data center was delayed amid a pandemic. 

The corporation says the project will give the region about 20,000 jobs and provide additional application resiliency through a location with independent power, network connectivity, and cooling.

Microsoft data centers in the Netherlands do not meet the claimed resource consumption figures

Regional media received information that the data centers of the corporation in the Netherlands consume 81 thousand cubic meters of water instead of 12-20 thousand cubic meters, as it was stated. Such data are given for 2021. Presumably, the drought in Europe in 2022 will lead to the consumption of even more water at the end of the year. 

Typically, data centers use intake air for cooling, but when the temperature is above +25 ° C, they have to consume water. If in the past year such cases were rare, in 2022 the situation threatens to be much more serious.